Media Statements

Date Description
2015-12-10 Inquest Docket is investigated by IPID after Police shoot out with suspected criminals
2015-12-10 IPID arrest two Police Sergeant from Rooderpoort K9 for attempted murder, assault GBH, theft, MITP and defeating the ends of Justice.
2015-11-09 IPID arrest a 29 year old Police Constable for allegations of statutory rape, at Phuthaditjaba Free State
2015-10-27 IPID welcomes 10 years sentence of 37 year old Warrant Officer for raping 17 year old child in Mpumalanga province
2015-10-21 IPID arrest four police constable for murder and assault allegations
2015-10-17 IPID is investigating similar case to Khuli Chana, this time the victim was unlucky as she dies on the scene
2015-10-05 IPID arrest 36 year old Police Sergeant from Germiston organised crime for murder and attempted murder cases
2015-09-13 A VIP Protection Unit Warrant Officer arrested for murdering his wife and child
2015-08-25 IPID secured conviction for Mido Macia murder case
2015-08-20 IPID arrested a Police Constable on allegations of statutory rape this afternoon
2015-08-20 IPID arrested a Police Constable on allegations of statutory rape this afternoon
2015-08-17 IPID secured X3 life sentences and 307 years imprisonment against 5 Police Officers
2015-08-11 IPID is investigating an inquest case after a man dies of gunshots by Police Officers and a security guard
2015-08-07 Constables sentenced to 18 years for Macassar rape, Western Cape
2015-08-06 3 Constables in court for torture of 41 year od male in Msinga, Kwazulu-Natal
2015-07-15 A 3 year old girl dies as a result of Police negligence
2015-07-14 Minister's daughter scores top job at Police Watchdog
2015-07-10 IPID arrests two Metro Police Officials for corruption in KZN
2015-07-08 Police Constable had sexual intercourse with a minor knowing he was HIV positive
2015-07-03 Ladybrand Station Commander receives warning from Magistrate
2015-07-01 A 45 year old Police Officer arrested for rape in custody
2015-07-01 Police Constable sentenced to 33 years imprisonment for rape
2015-07-01 IPID investigate murder and attempted murder cases
2015-05-03 Metro Police Constable Arrested for Rape in Cape Town, Western Cape
2015-04-23 A married Police Constable sentenced for murder of two lovers out of jealousy
2015-02-11 SAPS Sergeant appears in court for attempted murder of his wife