Media Statements

Date Description
2017-07-27 The IPID and the IGI sign an MOU to cooperate in fighting corruption with Police Ranks
2016-12-14 Two policemen convicted for October 2015 murder and assault in Krugersdorp
2016-12-14 Two Policemen convicted for October 2015 murder and assault in Krugersdorp
2016-12-14 EMPD Policeman convicted for Alberton murder and corruption
2016-12-13 Response to Hawks allegations of treason and other offences remarks by Executive Director, Robert McBride at a media briefing held at IPID national office
2016-11-28 IPID investigating shooting of woman and her daughter in Lenasia
2016-11-28 IPID investigating rape of 20 year old female in Laingsburg, Western Cape
2016-11-28 IPID investigating alleged rape of 22 year old female in Paballelo
2016-11-08 Parkroad Warrant Officer arrested for alleged rape of 32 year old waitress
2016-11-07 IPID investigating death in custody of 37 year old man in Rondebosch
2016-10-14 45 year old Isaac Bhayo Dlamini sentenced to 30 years in prison for two accounts of murder
2016-09-29 IPID investigations secured two life sentences on a Tembisa case
2016-09-19 46 year old Police Constable sentenced to five (5) years for attempted murder
2016-09-19 A 51 year old Warrant Officer is convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years imprisonment
2016-09-19 IPID secures a conviction in a discharge of firearm
2016-09-05 30 year old Khayelitsha man shot dead for pointing a fire arm at the Police.
2016-09-05 A 22 years old Khayelitsha man shot dead for alleged attempted robbery of state firearm
2016-09-05 A Mitchells Plain’s Police Constable rapes and kills himself.
2016-09-01 IPID Secures a conviction in an attempted murder
2016-09-01 Constable LP Lesia form Lindley Police Station was sentenced R 60.000 or three month imprisonment
2016-08-31 Two off duty Police Constables shot and wounded a 29 year old male in a tavern
2016-08-29 An off duty Police Constable shot two male suspects killing and injuring another
2016-08-26 IPID arrest a police reservist for rape
2016-08-25 Westernberg Police Constable arrested for murder and robbery with aggravation
2016-08-12 IPID condems the torching and attacks on police vehicle in Cullinan
2016-08-11 IPID arrested a Police Constable on a charge of rape
2016-08-10 IPID investigates a Police Officer for attempted murder
2016-08-08 IPID secures a murder and attempted murder conviction in Gauteng
2016-08-07 IPID investigates the death of a civilian after he was knocked over by a police vehicle.
2016-08-06 IPID investigate a Police Officer for murder of his estranged wife
2016-08-05 Three Clocolan Police officers assault a 43 year victim for public drinking
2016-08-05 IPID investigates a Senior Police Officer for an attempted murder of an alleged robber.
2016-08-05 IPID secures a murder conviction in the Nothern Cape
2016-08-05 IPID secures a murder conviction in Gauteng
2016-07-13 IPID Investigate a Police Officer for a Murder of his Girlfriend
2016-06-29 Suspended IPID Chief Director had his case dismissed by The Labour Court on 29 June 2016
2016-06-24 IPID investigates an attempted murder case against Police Sergeant
2016-06-09 IPID Hosts Investigators‘s Indaba
2016-05-23 IPID arrest a police officer for attempted murder on his girlfriend
2016-05-23 IPID arrest a police officer for rape
2016-05-19 IPID arrest two police constables on charges of assault
2016-05-09 IPID arrests Two Police Officers based at Soweto Flying Squad for a murder of a fellow Police Officer
2016-05-04 14 Year old girl raped by a police sergeant
2016-05-04 A 34 year old police constable rapes a 17 year old teenager
2016-05-03 Hawks officer killed two men for dating ex wife
2016-04-28 A 14 year Old teenager raped by a step dad Policeman
2016-04-26 EMPD officer shot and killed 27 year old man
2016-03-29 A Warrant Officer is convicted for murder of a 65 year old father
2016-03-22 Drunk policeman shot and wound a man after an argument
2016-03-22 34 year old man died in police custody
2016-03-22 23 year old man shot dead by three Policemen during shoot out with gang rival.
2016-02-11 IPID arrest a 55 year old Ekurhuleni Metro Police Officer
2016-01-21 Two policemen are investigated for allegations of rape
2016-01-20 A Warrant Officer convicted for assaulting a disabled man
2016-01-15 A Police Constable arrested for murder of his girlfriend
2016-01-07 IPID arrest a Police Constable for rape