Media Statements

Date Description
2022-12-30 Discharge of an official firearm case
2022-12-23 IPID is investigating a case of a death due to police action
2022-12-14 EMPD officer appeared in court for rape
2022-12-14 IPID investigates the death of a suspect robber due to police action
2022-12-14 IPID investigates death in Police Custody in Zebediela Limpopo
2022-12-13 Death in Police Custody
2022-12-12 R4000 fine conviction for defeating the ends of justice
2022-12-09 IPID expands footprint to improve access to its services
2022-11-21 Urgent briefing on wage negotiations and industrial action by Organised Labour
2022-11-03 IPID investigation in the murder of Lt Col Charl Kinnear remains classified.
2022-10-19 IPID investigates a case of murder and attempted murder
2022-10-16 Police officer accused of rape to appear in court
2022-10-14 Police Constatble arrested for alleged murder
2022-10-14 IPID arrests a police officer for alleged rape
2022-09-30 Court case of the death of Eldorado Park teen starts afresh on 3 October 2022
2022-09-29 Officer sentenced to 15 years for murder of civilliian in Taung
2022-09-28 IPID tables the 2021/22 Annual Report in Parliament Today
2022-09-20 IPID investigates case of death due to police action in KZN
2022-09-12 IPID Welcomes he Sentencing of an Officer Accused of raping 14- Years-old Girl
2022-09-11 Marianhill SAPS member to appear in court for the murder of a suspect.
2022-09-11 IPID arrests 7 EMPD officers for defeating the ends of justice
2022-08-22 IPID statement on the KEI Mouth Case
2022-08-02 IPID decision on its investigation regarding the Phala Phala Farm theft incident
2022-07-21 IPID is investigating the alleged discharge on an official firearm incident at Giyani, Limpopo
2022-07-21 IPID investigates a case of murder and attempted murder
2022-07-19 Police officer who killed his partner denied bail
2022-07-19 16 Law Enforcement Officers arrested for the death of a Civilian during the COVID 19 lockdown restriction in 2020
2022-07-11 IPID obtains formal statement from ATM party President on the Phala Phala farm theft investigation
2022-07-06 Police officer gets sentenced to 27 years of imprisonment for raping a minor
2022-07-04 IPID Investigates the death of a suspect in Police custody in Tzaneen
2022-07-01 IPID’ S Position on the Investigation of the alleged conduct of the Police on the theft at the Phala Phala Farm
2022-06-29 A Police Officer appeared in court for murder
2022-06-09 IPID Investigates an alleged rape case of an 18-Year-Old Woman by the Police
2022-06-03 IPID Investigates death as a result of Police action
2022-05-17 Death due to Police Action in the Eastern Cape 17 May 2022
2022-05-12 IPID welcomes the conviction of two Police Officers for Acts of GBV and Femicide
2022-04-25 Deputy Minister and IPID Head engages with aggrieved Police Officers
2022-04-08 IPID investigates the death of a suspect in police custody in Upington
2022-04-05 IPID is investigating the death of a 33-year-old male as a result of police action
2022-04-04 IPID is investigating a Piketburg Police Officer in the Western Cape for murder and attempted murder.
2022-04-01 An IPID Investigation of a SAPS Official in PAARL who killed his friend with service Pistol led to his dismissal
2022-03-31 IPID is Investigating an Alleged Rape Case Against two Mahikeng Police Officers
2022-03-29 IPID investigates the death of an unknown male at a police station
2022-03-28 IPID investigates the death of a suspect allegedly by Police
2022-03-28 IPID investigates death as a result of Police action
2022-03-25 IPID Investigates Death as a result of Police Action
2022-03-22 Eastern Cape Flying Squad Member Appears in Court for Assault and Torture
2022-03-22 IPID Investigates Death of a Suspect in Cato Manor
2022-03-10 The Leo Williams Case