Media Statements

Date Description
2023-09-20 IPID will be hosting a community outreach in Engcobo in the Eastern Cape.
2023-09-12 IPID Arrested a police officer on 5 accounts of assault
2023-09-07 A Former Police Sergeant has been sentenced to life imprisonment for Murder, Attempted Murder and Arson.
2023-09-07 A Police Sergeant is sentenced for attempted murder
2023-08-30 IPID arrested a Detective for raping an alleged suspect.
2023-08-29 IPID arrest a member of the SAPS on suspicion of rape Heidelberg police
2023-08-22 IPID arrest a member of the SAPS on suspicion of rape.
2023-08-19 IPID arrest a member of the SAPS on suspicion of murder of his highly pregnant girlfriend
2023-07-31 IPID Achieves a Clean Audit
2023-07-17 A former Police Sergeant has been convicted of murder, arson and 2 counts of attempted murder at the North Gauteng this afternoon.
2023-06-30 Former Police constable sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for the murder of his girlfriend
2023-06-22 A Police constable is imprisoned for raping a complainant female victim
2023-06-22 IPID arrested two Police Officers for Murder in Limpopo
2023-06-19 Two retired SAPS Generals and one serving General have been charged for corruption.
2023-06-06 IPID mourns the death of the Chairperson portfolio committee on Police
2023-05-18 A 44-year-old Police Sergeant has been jailed for dealing in drugs
2023-04-29 Police Constable that killed wife and family appears in court
2023-04-28 A former police constable has been convicted of premeditated murder of his girlfriend
2023-04-19 IPID arrested a former police constable for rape
2023-04-19 Former Ekurhuleni police officer sent to prison for GBV
2023-04-17 A serving police constable and two former police officers convicted of culpable homicide
2023-03-24 Two Western Cape police officers accussed of the death of two civillians to appear in court today
2023-03-15 Update on the officer who killed his wife and male friend in Zeerust
2023-03-10 Three EKMP officers face charges of theft, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice
2023-03-09 IPID position on the woman beaten to a pulp by her police officer husband
2023-02-19 SAPS members to appear in court for kidnapping and extortion in Roodepoort
2023-02-10 IPID Investigates alleged sexual grooming of a minor by a police officer
2023-02-01 IPID arrests four Boksburg SAPS members for assault
2023-01-26 IPID investigates alleged sexual grooming of a minor by a Police Officer
2023-01-09 Public Comment on the IPID Amendment Bill