Reported cases during the COVID-19 period

The intention of this media statement is to clarify and emphasize that the cases on this table below are the cases that are STRCTLY RELATED to COVID 19 only. The media statement released earlier on this platform indicated ALL cases that IPID received and recorded since the 26 March 2020 midnight until to 02 April 2020 at 23:59. As such media’s attention is drawn to the below stats that indicates the total number of cases being that of TWELVE (12) only, COVID related cases

Journalists are therefore made aware that the first media statement was a comprehensive statistical report. This means the report constituted all cases that IPID received (intake) for the whole lockdown period. For an example Limpopo Province received and recorded two deaths which are death in police custody, and in these two deaths preliminary investigation does not necessary apportion the blame to the police.

All citizens of South Africa are reminded that IPID’s mandate has not changed and will never change. In case its mandate do change, the public will be notified through official and approved channel of communication. As a reminder, hereunder is IPID mandate:

  1. Death in police custody;
  2. Death as a result of police action;
  3. Any complaint relating to the discharge of the police firearm by police official;
  4. Rape by police official whether on or off duty;
  5. Rape in police custody;
  6. Any allegations of torture or assault against police official when executing her / his official duties;
  7. Corruption matters within the police initiated by the IPID Executive Director or any corruption complaint received from public member or from the Minister and or from the MEC and or from the Secretary (Civilian Secretariat for Police Service);
  8. Any other criminal matters referred to as a result of a decision by the IPID Executive Director or if so requested by the Minister ad or the MEC or Secretary.

Issued by Independent Police Investigative Directorate

Enquiries: Mr Sontaga SEISA
Acting National Spokesperson for IPID
Tel 012 399 0092/50
Mobile: 079 433 2663