Police shoots one of their own as a result of a mistaken identity: Randfontein

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating a case of death as a result of police action as well as discharge of fire-arm. It is alleged that on Friday the 10th of December 2021 at about 15:00pm a Sergeant police officer was at Randfontein SAPS when the members heard multiple gunshots next to the Police station. The officers rushed to Maugham street where the gunshots sound were coming from and one of the Constable officers who was following up on the sound of the fire arm, saw a male person under the tree.

This individual personal under the tree was firing gun shots using a rifle. It is alleged the police officer (Sergeant) who was in full police uniform instructed the person to drop the rifle but the person did not comply instead he looked at officer and ignored him, he continued pointing his fire arm towards the Silver vehicle that was across the street.

The Sergeant police officer after seeing that his call to drop the fire arm was ignored, he then fired 3 rounds with a 9mm pistol towards a male person with a rifle. The officer fired shots on the chest of the then known as suspect.

It was later discovered that the person who was shot in the chest under the tree was instead a Police Constable from DPCI TOMS and he was attending to an incident of a car hijack of the Silver Audi A3 vehicle that he had pointed towards with his rifle. The officer was then rushed to Milpark Hospital with injuries to the chest.

It was revealed during an investigation by the IPID that the Constable who was shot on a mistaken identity was indeed a police officer and part of the DPCI Operation reported above and not a criminal.


The incident that led to the whole mistaken identity was a result of a car hijack incident. It is alleged that on the 10th of December at about 15pm.The police from DPCI TOMS were following up on a hijacked car that was heading towards Randfontein. It is that a passenger from the car jumped slowly from a moving car pointing a fire arm towards the police.

The police fired shots towards the vehicle and the passenger. The passenger was shot on the upper body and the driver was shot on the shoulder and the passenger died on the scene. The driver was arrested and was taken to Leratong hospital for treatment under police guard. The deceased was found on the left rear pocket of his jeans with an appointment certificate of a Warrant officer and a fire arm.

It is alleged the suspects were going to Mohlakeng and on the scene, investigators found a reported hijacked A3 vehicle, false registration numbers, fire arms and live rounds. Barrate gas pistol, more false registration numbers and explosives. The incident happened about 300 metres away of police stations which led to the police from the nearest police station to react and ended up shooting one of their own by mistake. IPID is investigating the two incidents.


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