Police Constable shot wife and himself: wide died and he is alive

Independent Police Investigative Directorate secured a conviction on a Femicide (Murder) case. The incident allegedly happened on 26 April 2018 at night.

It is alleged the accused and his wife were renting a flat in the outside building at Greenfields suburbs in East London.  The owner allegedly heard sounds like gunshots from the flat where Constable Sakhiwo Sifama was staying with his wife and, thereafter, it was quiet. She was afraid to come out as it was at night and was with her sister.

The following day at about 14:00, she (the neibour) realised that the flat was still closed and the she could see their vehicle still parked in the yard and she became suspicious since the windows were also still closed.

She allegedly called an off duty Police Officer who came and kicked the door open and found Constable Sifama and his wife lying in a pool of blood with a firearm next to Constable Sifama.

They then called the police who upon arrival the wife was deceased and Constable Sifama was still alive and taken for medical treatment. His fingers were still moving. He was hospitalised for long period of time.

Upon his release after the IPID had finalised the investigation where we recommended both criminal and departmental steps to be taken against him.

He was departmentally charged but voluntarily resigned in 2019. The criminal was placed on the court roll in 2020 in High Court East London. On 01 January 2021 he was taken for mental observation and it was confirmed that he was fit to stand trial.

The case proceeded from 18 to 25 October 2021 where he has been found guilty for the murder of his wife. The case will be postponed for sentence.


We have recommended that he be kept in custody pending his sentence. More information on his conviction will be provided.


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Acting Nations Spokesperson

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) 

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