Police Captain who was due for sentencing dies of car accident; Bloemfontein

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) successfully investigated and secured conviction of a 59 yr old Police Captain officer Shadrack Lorole Motsoeneng over multiple criminal offences that he had allegedly committed in the year 2020.

The Captain Police Officer was the supervisor in charge of the Family and Sexual offences unit of the South African Police Services in Mafube Police Station, when he committed sexual offences against his clients/complainants.

It was alleged that a 17 yr old teenager was allegedly raped and she went to open a case of rape against the perpetrator who committed the offence against her. It is alleged the suspect police officer took advantage of the situation and raped the teenage girl who was a victim of rape and who was in his office to look for help. It is alleged he further raped another 11-year-old girl who was accompanying the complainant in exchange of favours and making sure that they receive justice for the rape case the complainant had opened.

The police officer was further charged for raping the girlfriend of the suspect that was accused of raping the teenage girl (the girl who was raped for ensuring that she receives justice).

It is alleged the police officer promised to make the rape suspect`s case disappear if only his girlfriend agreed to have sex with him. The girlfriend agreed at the beginning, she slept with the officer and it is alleged the officer kept demanding more sex from the girlfriend of the suspect and the lady refused. It is alleged the officer promised the lady that he was going to arrest his boyfriend for the rape of the teenage girl if she refused to have sex with him again but the girlfriend still refused and the officer then arrested the boyfriend and opposed his bail.

The girlfriend then opened a case of Sexual assault and rape against the police officer. IPID took over the case and conducted a thorough investigation that led to IPID realising that the girlfriend was not only a victim but the two teenagers as well were victims of the police officer. The police officer was charged with 14 counts related to Sexual offence but he was found guilty on 9 of them which were;

Count 1 Sexual Assault
Count 2 Sexual Assault
Count 3 Rape
Count 6 Forgery
Count 8 Defeating the ends of justice
Count 10 Sexual Assault
Count 11 Attempted Extortion
Count 12 Corruption
Count 14 Sexual Assault

One of the victims relayed how the suspect raped and touched her. It is alleged on different occasions the suspect fondled the breasts and put his pennis inside their mouth and ejaculated. Another victim alleged was fondled by the suspect who wanted to check her pubic hair. The accused was also accused of raping one of the victims several times. The suspect was found guilty and was told not to leave Franschhoek unless he receives permission from the IPID investigator. The suspect was supposed to be sentenced today the 6th of December 2021 and IPID found out that he died last year of a car accident. The case is now closed because it is confirmed that the suspected has passed on and IPID is investigating the incident of death.


Grace Langa 
Acting Nations Spokesperson
Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID)
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