IPID secured another murder conviction in the Western Cape

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) in the Western Cape has secured a murder conviction yesterday on 05 October 2023.The conviction follows the death of the 32-year-old Natasha Booise and Attempted Murder of Roslin Kaiman by Sergeant Richard Smit on the of 02 January 2022 in Pieketberg in the Western Cape Province.

The Accused followed the Deceased who was out with her family after he called her several times wanting to know where she was. He finally located her in the city centre of Pieketberg where he insisted that she should get in the car with him and two women who were in the car with at the time. The Deceased refused, argument ensued between the couple and the Deceased’s cousin Roslin Kaiman attempted to intervene. The Accused then took out a firearm, fatally shooting Natasha and wounding Roslin and the Accused was arrested.

The case was docket was taken over by IPID, formal bail application dragged for about Seven months and he was finally denied bail. He was incarcerated until his trial started. The Accused was found guilty of all six charges and sentenced as follows:

  • Murder – life imprisonment
  • Attempted murder – 10 years.
  • Assault – 3 years’ imprisonment.
  • Handling of a firearm whilst under the influence of alcohol – 3 years’ imprisonment.
  • Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol – 3 years’ imprisonment.
  • Pointing of firearm – 12 months’ imprisonment.

The Accused resigned from the police shortly before his disciplinary proceedings could commence.

The Executive Director of IPID applauded the IPID Investigator, the prosecution team and everyone that was involved for the success conviction and a fitting sentence meted out to the Accused.

Mr Robbie Raburabu
National Spokesperson
082 926 1067 and 012 399 0056
E-mail: rraburabu@ipid.gov.za