IPID is investigating discharge of firearm by police officer incident which allegedly occurred in Dewetsdorp area

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating discharge of firearm by police officer incident which allegedly occurred in Dewetsdorp area, Free State on the 22 October 2020 around 3:45 am.

As alleged, the law enforcement officers were patrolling the Dewetsdorp Road with a marked police vehicle that did not have blue lights and siren when they came across a suspicious Ford Ranger, which they allegedly tested the registration number and the results had a totally different vehicle in terms of make, model, color etc.

The members allegedly tried to stop this vehicle, but the driver did not stop but drove off into the farm area on the gravel road. The police officers allegedly signaled to the driver to stop, but the driver still did not stop instead he allegedly fired shots at the police vehicle. It appears that the driver of the Ranger believed he was being followed by hijackers as it was still dark. It is further alleged that the two vehicles came to a stand still and there was a shoot out between the police officials and the driver of the Ford Ranger.

As alleged, another vehicle approached and stopped near the Ford Ranger which the police thought came to help the driver of the Ford. The Driver of the Ford Ranger, still under the impression that it is a hijacking attempt, managed to drove off behind the other vehicle.

The police, when noticing the other vehicle also left the scene driving in the opposite direction and only stopped due to a tyre burst about 17.3 km from the scene.

The scene was visited by IPID officials who found empty cartridges and firearms on the different crime scenes allegedly of both the police and the farmer, as well as blood stains allegedly from the farmer who had been confirmed to be admitted in one of the Bloemfontein Hospital’s ICU with a wound on the neck.

One police officer has been allegedly shot on the hand. No arrests have been made yet, IPID is conducting a full investigation of this incident, exhibits will be send for Ballistic analysis as part of the investigation process.

Issued by Independent Police Investigative Directorate

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