IPID investigates death as a result of police action

As empowered by Section 28 (1) (b) of the IPID Act 1 of 2011, the Independent Police Investigative Police Directorate (IPID) investigates the death as a result of police action which allegedly occurred in Daveyton around 02:15 am this morning, 02 July 2020.  

It is alleged that 5 members of police service were on duty for Vispol duties driving in a state vehicle, they were at Daveyton Client Service Centre when they received a call to provide back up support to their colleagues who were out in the (doing) community duties.

As alleged, the 5 members proceeded to Sia Street Daveyton, upon their arrival, they were informed by their colleagues that the suspects have ran away.

The 5 officials who were called out for back up left their colleagues, as they proceed to and patrol in the area, they noticed the 4 suspects and approached them, the 4 allegedly ran in pairs in 2 different directions. The police van chased one pair, the police officer who was seating at the left back seat, behind the passenger seat took out the fire arm, opened the door getting ready to jump out and chase the suspects as soon as the vehicle stops. The driver turned the vehicle towards to the direction where the suspects ran. The firearm of the officer at the left back seat went off and shot her 27-year-old colleague who seating in the front passenger seat.

The shot police officer was taken to Glenwood Hospital where he was certified dead. IPID continues with further investigation on this incident.  

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