IPID To Appear Before Portfolio Committee of Police and Select Committee On Security And Justice



Subject: IPID To Appear Before Portfolio Committee of Police and Select Committee On Security And Justice:

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) will be appearing before the Portfolio Committee of Police and Select Committee on Security and Justice on Friday, 08 May 2020 from 11:00 – 12:00 to account to both Committees regarding the investigations conducted on the cases it received since the inception of lockdown period. The meeting is expected to be done remotely, that is, Virtual.

As a reminder IPID mandate is as follows: 1. Death in police custody; 2. Death as a result of police action; 3. Any complaint relating to discharge of police firearm by police official; 4. Rape by police official whether on or off duty 5. Rape in police custody; 6. Any complaint relating to torture or assault by police official performing or executing official duties; 7. Any complaint relating to corruption within the police (initiated by the IPID Executive Director, or received from a public member, or referred by the Minister of Police, MEC for Transport and Community Safety / MEC for Community Safety or the Secretary. 8. Any other matter which the IPID Executive Director or Minister and or MEC or Secretary may refer for the Executive Director his/her discretionary decision.

Any other complaints not listed above are regarded as an outside IPID mandate matters.

Once again hereunder are our standby numbers per Province:

1. EC 082 592 9888;

2. FS 063 225 6081;

3. GP 076 745 5718;

4. KZN 079 895 2741;

5. LIM 078 871 4811;

6. MP 072 881 4196;

7. NC 064 624 8203;

8. NW 078 163 6874 and

9. WC 073 890 1269

Independent Police Investigative Directorate

Enquiries: Mr Sontaga SEISA
Acting National Spokesperson for IPID
Tel 012 399 0092/50
Mobile: 079 433 2663
Email: sseisa@ipid.gov.za